Garland Family Eye Care

Dr. Brad Wemhoener


Conjunctivitis is a condition of the eye that is seen as redness and/or swelling of the conjunctiva (the thin skin that covers the white of the eyes and the back of the eyelids). 

Conjunctivitis has many causes: 

Allergy, Bacteria, Viral, Toxic, or Traumatic 

The cause of the conjunctivitis usually determines the treatment. Conjunctivitis is usually treated with eye drops and lasts only a few days with proper treatment. 

Many types of conjunctivitis can be avoided or lessened with good hygiene. Frequent hand washing and washing the eyelids when showering, bathing, or face washing reduces the presence of many of the harmful things that can cause conjunctivitis. 

Some conjunctivitis types are contagious and care must be taken to protect others from exposure. A red eye should be examined by an eye doctor for proper care and treatment.