Garland Family Eye Care

Dr. Brad Wemhoener

​Contact Lens Services

Contact lenses are wonderful tools for seeing the world and now have many specialty fits for patients that otherwise may not have considered contacts to be an option.

We offer contacts for:

  • Irregular corneas after refractive surgery
  • Keratoconus
  • Multifocal wearers (if you are over 40, that's you)
  • ​Color enhancement
  • Daily disposable for occasional wear or extreme dry eye/allergies
  • Monthly disposable wearers
  • Astigmatism (toric)

As a private business, Garland Family Eye Care and Dr. Brad can use any lenses in the marketplace to find you a solution to your contact lens needs. We offer all brands of disposables, gas permeable lenses, and specialty fit hybrid contact lenses at typically below market prices to allow us to be your one stop destination for your contact lenses. We can ship contacts to you at your home.  Call us today for more information.