Garland Family Eye Care

Dr. Brad Wemhoener

​We expect to use compassionate patience to help you manage your needs and recognize that low vision is a challenging and sometimes frustrating limitation on daily living. We are here to help. 

What to expect in a Low Vision Exam:

Our Commitment to You:

​Low Vision Clinic

Low Vision is defined by vision that is not correctable to better than 20/70 (blurry) or has a limited field of view (like looking through a paper towel tube).

What is Low Vision?

​Our low vision examination includes:

  • A review of your medical and visual condition.
  • An individualized questionnaire to help us target your areas of interest and need.
  • Measurement of the magnification needed to accomplish your goals.
  • Discussing with you the tools available to meet your goals.
  • ​Demonstrating the use of different magnifiers and training on their use.