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Dr. Brad Wemhoener

Click on the button for additional information about diagnostic and therapeutic options for dry eye conditions. There is a dry eye questionnaire here: Dry Eye Questionnaire for additional free screening.

With our new Oculus Easyfield, we can diagnose and manage retinal conditions through early detection in a patient friendly testing format.

Your comprehensive examination includes a review of your medical history and medications, blood pressure testing (if appropriate), measuring for glasses, microscopic evaluation of the front of your eye and eyelids, a cataract evaluation, glaucoma pressure check, and a retinal evaluation.

Red, irritated eyes can indicate infection, inflammation, or injury. Diagnostic testing is available to rule out and treat contagious viral pink eye. Click the button for more details.

​Orthokeratology is a noninvasive, reversible, affordable alternative to refractive surgery (LASIK) using specialty overnight contact lenses.

​Contact lens services involve a corneal health evaluation, selection and fitting of appropriate lenses, insertion and removal training (new wearers), and follow up visits to ensure satisfactory comfort and vision.

​Dr. Brad is available 24 hours a day on his cell phone after office hours. Call the office to retrieve the number from the answering service. During office hours, all emergency patients will be seen the same day.

Retinal imaging is now available with a Centervue DRS retinal camera. Screenings and diagnostic image services are available.

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